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Review Tips

Ultimately, how you like to write a cigar review is up to you. But, here is a cigar review format below to give you tips on what to write about, help you organize your thoughts & notes, and to help you write a great cigar review.

Tips On Writing Cigar Reviews - Cigar Review Format

Cigar Specs:

Country of origin: Where was the cigar made?

Size: Length x Ring Gauge (read about Cigar Sizes)

Wrapper: Type of wrapper used? (example, Conneticut Broadleaf. Read about cigar wrappers)

Binder: Country of Origin (Where was the tobacco grown that is used for the cigar's binder?)

Filler: Country of Origin (Where was the tobacco grown that is used for the cigar's filler?)

Shape: What is the shape of it? The shape is sometimes in the name of the cigar. (example: Arturo Fuente Opus X Robusto - Robusto is the shape. Read about cigar shapes)

Price: how much did the cigar cost?


Write some info or facts on the cigar. If known, write a brief history of the cigar or the brand (may have to research this a little).

Talk about where you purchased the cigar and how much it cost. Talk about where you smoked the cigar or if you had an accompanying drink while smoking your cigar.


Explain how the cigar looks: (talk about its color, wrapper, shape, band or body. Is the wrapper oily?)
Explain how it feels: (is it smooth, with texture, rough, veiny, etc. Are there bumps or other markings? Dose the cigar feel mushy, soft, limber, firm, or very hard?)

Flavor/Taste & Aroma:

Describing the flavor of the cigar depends on how it tastes to you, so explain its taste characteristics. There are many taste terms you can use to describe a cigar.

Some words that describe a cigars flavor: rich, smooth, spicy, sweet, peppery, salty, harsh, bland, earthy, woody, cocoa, roasted, nutty, cedar, fruity, leathery and much more. The range of flavors used to describe a cigar's flavor goes on and on.

Explain what you like and dislike about the flavors and why. Does the flavor of the cigar change as you smoke it? Also, what is the strength of the cigar? What is the aroma of the cigar or the smell of it as you smoke it?

Smoking Characteristics:

Explain how it burns and draws: (example: does it burn evenly, quickly or slowly? Does it burn hot? How is the draw on it when you take a puff? Does it stay lit?)
Talk about the ash: (example: what is the color of the ash? Does flake off easily or stay on?)

Conclusion/Overall Impression:

Explain your overall impression of the cigar: (example: was it a good smoke? Is it a good value? etc.)
You can also give it a rating: (5/5- Exceptional), (4/5 - Very Enjoyable), (3/5 - Respectable), (2/5 - Smokable), (1/5 - poor)