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Zino Z-Class Platinum

Nick Anderson - (Colorado Springs, CO)

Zino Classic
Zino Platinum Z Class

Size: 5X50 Robusto
Wrapper: Dominican
Binder: Peruvian 
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua

This cigar was great out of the cellophane. Construction felt great. The wrapper was medium-brown and was slightly toothy and had a couple of very small veins. The cigar had a great pre-light aroma that was very strong with earthiness and tobacco. The cigar felt very tight. There were no soft or spongy areas. The cap snipped of easily and the cold draw produced a great draw with great tobacco flavors.

Light: The cigar lit fairly easily. The flavor was a little light with some low lying spicy flavors and earthiness being the dominant flavor. There were some underlying leathery notes throughout the first few draws. Very minor woody notes were also noted during the first third of this cigar. 

The cigar burned quite slowly, with a little unevenness noted. I only had to straighten it out once though, which is not that big of an inconvenience with this cigar. This cigar definitely has a full body, with the flavor being medium to medium full. It produces a dark grey to black ash that easily hangs on for well over an inch before falling off.

The second third showed some spicy notes showing through. The cigar also retains it’s woody, earthy, tobacco flavors, making this a very complex cigar once you get into it. The flavor starts to lighten up a little in the second third and the draw proves to be a little easier. The spicy flavor noted a moment ago disappears quickly and leaves way to an earthy flavor with the leather notes standing out a little more. 

In the final third the flavor seems to lighten up a little more, but the body seems to get a little heavier and let you know that you are definitely smoking a big boy cigar that should not be taken lightly. The cigar produces a lightly colored, very dense smoke. There are a few hints of sweetness in the final third, with the flavors mentioned before still lingering. This is definitely a complex cigar if you pay enough attention to notice all the minor, underlying flavors. The cigar has an excellent mouth feel, and it seems to fill your entire mouth with both smoke and flavor. It is starting to bring on an almost creamy flavor, with underlying spice notes. The body remains very full and it seems to have a lot of underlying flavors with no single one really dominating and pushing the others out.

The cigar finishes with the full body starting to come through. This is not a cigar you will soon forget smoking. The spicy flavors seem to come out a little more during the finish and the flavor starts to become fuller, much as the cigar started. The earthiness steps up a bit during the finish of the cigar with the flavors seeming to become more complex. The ever so slight creaminess and sweetness carries on right to the ending, with all the other flavors remaining in the background.

This cigar is definitely worth the 14 dollar price tag on it. You are going to want to pay attention to the minor flavors that are held throughout the smoke, as if you stop paying attention you will likely miss the many complex flavors. I would not recommend this cigar to a novice smoker, as you will not truly appreciate it.

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