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San Teodoro Premium Mexican Cigar Review

Jim Delorme - (Denver Co.)

San Teodoro Premium Mexican Cigar Review
I come from a Spanish family so we smoke a lot (cigars that is) I have been smoking cigars for more than 12 years now, you could say I am very savvy cigar enthusiast with lots of experience, I have never written a cigar review before but after smoking a San Teodoro Mexican cigar I thought the cigar truly deserves one.

I recently went down to Mexico City for business, during my stay I got a gift from one of my counterparts in Mexico which consisted of a Mexican Mezcal bottle (a very nice Tequila type liquor) and two of these San Teodoro Cigars both Robusto Sized. 

The guy that gave me the gift talked wonders about the cigars, he told me about how the production is made, the aging as if they were like a well-kept Mexican secret or something, I just was not in the mood of smoking that day so I saved both the cigar and the bottle and came back to Denver. 

Two weeks after my trip one night I decided to take a chance and open one San Teodoro. In a nutshell, it was AMAZING!

These cigars come inside a crystal tube within a paper wrapping inside a carton box, the true experience starts when you open the tube, I have never smelled a thing so delicate yet so amazing before, was a complex coffee/tobacco smell that was coming out of the tube, I was blown away, the cigar was soft yet firm, like if they hand rolled it in front of my eyes, the most moist cigar I have had in years yet it smelled very aged.

I took my lighter and the experience just was indescribable, the whole thing just blew me out! The flavor was like a very old aged Cuban but with these sweet notes, woody and nutty with lots of coffee flavor on it, it was unique, my mouth was experiencing the biggest party ever I just could not believe what I was experiencing such a thing from a Mexican cigar!

The second third of the cigar was very woody with all the sweet touches and the last third was superb! An amazing evolution of flavor and strength yet keeping the bad stuff out.

I must say I felt stupid by not smoking it back in Mexico and not bring more San Teodoro´s back home, it's just such an amazing Cigar

Have tried other Mexican Cigars Before but have nothing to do with this, don’t take the word from me just go out and try one if you find them.

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