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El Primer Mundo Double Torpedo Edged Cigar Review

Cameron M - (Fort Lewis WA)

This El Primer Mundo Double Torpedo Edged cigar will always have a special place in my cigar life. I used to go into a local shop back at home called "Maxwell's Cigar Bar" this man taught me everything I know about cigars. 

One day I rolled up and asked him straight up," Mr. Harvey, introduce me to a new one man" just like that and he said "Alright, I know you like that full body style cigar I got just what you like here." Next thing I know I'm holding a double torpedo edged el primer mundo and thinking what the heck is this. 

I have to double cut this thing? haha very strange to me for I was new to the cigar world back then. Smoking this cigar is a work of art. the draw it has is evoultionary, for its like a car-while it drives the wind goes over the windshield-same concept with this cigar the smoke glides overs so smooth. Plus its a mild strong cigar, very easy on the beginner and real tastey for its price. 

Its size is not something of the regular premium cigar but the draw and specific smoke flavor is brillatently designed and mastered. Nothing can beat this mild full body cigar. No doubt

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