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30 July 2015

130 A Cigar to Celebrate the 130 Years of Tabacalera Company Philippines

swigar - (Manila Philippines)

130 A Cigar to Celebrate the 130 Years of Tabacalera Company Philippines
Tabacalera 28 November 1881 - 28 November 2011 130 Years of Manufacturing Cigars.

I am smoking a 130 right now!

What is that? A GRAND CRU!

Brazilian Filler and Philippines, respectively 1992 and 1999 Premium Tobacco Batches

The Binder is undisclosed Philippines, aged too
The wrapper is Brazilian, again undisclosed and aged leaves.

A real delight of a Mild Robusto, with a rounded edge content of fulfilling body.

30 July 2015


Tonu Spano - (Utica, NY USA)

The cigar was very well rolled and put together. The flavor was also nice. It burned evenly and had a great taste till the end. 

The color of the wrapper was even and I saw little to no color variation. 

The cigar also had a good easy draw with no problems. I would recommend this cigar for a surprise try.

30 July 2015

Guantanamera Cristale

Dylan - (Canada)

Guantanamera Cristale
Hi there I am reviewing the Guantanamera Cristale. This was my first cigar I smoked in my life and since the fact i have smoked many different cigars.I have smoked this cigar on five different occasions and I have put together these Pro's and Con's.

Pro-It's cheap about $5 a peice

Con- I found this cigar to be to soft and I have wasted two because of softness

Pro-Cigar is a nice size and I found it easy to put in my pocket.

Con-I found that the wrapper peeled very easy even though it was kept in a Humidor.

This is what I found with this cigar and I found it to be a waste of money when you can get a better cigar for cheaper. I would say to just buy a better cigar and save money.

30 July 2015

Gurkha Legend Warlord Special Edition, Double Corona 7x55 - Cigar Review

Jason S. - (Milwaukee, WI)

I came to this cigar with a fair amount of anticipation. I've regularly smoked Gurkha Grand Reserves, and have always been pleased, they are in fact one of my favorite smokes.

30 July 2015

Vegas Robaina Unicos Cigar

Jim L. - New Jersey

Vegas Robaina Unicos Cigar
Someone walked into our local cigar store with a bag of cigars he said a golf partner gave him. I've done some digging on Cigar Aficiondo contrtfeit site, and I can say that at least the band is authentic.

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