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Cigar Countries

Cigar Countries

Cigars are made in a number of different countries, from tobacco grown in various soils and rolled using different techniques. Every cigar has its own unique taste and flavors.

In order to understand cigars and tobacco, it's vital to recognize the different tobacco growing countries around the world to understand and appreciate cigars. Just as the different wine regions give wine different taste and individual qualities, so are tobacco regions.
Below is a list of Cigar Countries that produce cigars. The list is of major tobacco producing countries. Click on one of the countries below to see the List of Cigar Brands produced in that country and to find more information on its cigar industry.

Caribbean Cigar Countries

cuba flagCuban Cigars
When people think of cigars the first thing that comes to mind are Cuban cigars. Cuban cigars have a long history and are regarded as the finest in the world. Click here to see Cuban cigar brands.

Dominican Cigars
After Fidel Castro nationalized the Cuban cigar industry and the US embargo, the Dominican Republic became the main base for factory owners and is now the top producer of premium cigars in the world. The long leaves make superior fillers and Dominican cigars tend to be mild to medium.

jamaica flagJamaican Cigars
Tobacco is indigenous to Jamaica and there is a variety of it that grows wild in the island's fertile, volcanic soils, and just like Cuba, Jamaica has a great climate for growing tobacco. Although rarely thought of as a major cigar-producing country, Jamaica's tobacco plantations date back to the mid-seventeenth century when the island was a British colony.

Central American Cigar Countries

honduras flagHonduran Cigars
Tobacco grown in this Central American country tends to be stronger than the Dominican or Nicaragua. However, several Honduran brands are very mild, making them a top choice for new cigar smokers where ever they may live. Click here to see Honduran cigar brands.

nicaraguan flagNicaraguan Cigars
Nicaragua is blessed with fertile land a climate that is great for producing tobacco, but with a history of civil unrest and war in its country, the Nicaraguan cigar industry has gone through many ups and downs. Now with a more stable country, Nicaragua has quickly became one of the leading producers of cigars.

costa rica flagCosta Rica
Though mostly known for its coffee, just like most of Central America, Costa Rica has fertile land and a great climate for producing tobacco.

North American Cigar Countries

usa flagUnited States
When most people think of tobacco being grown in the USA, they tend to think of the southern states. This is mostly true, but in the cigar world the northeastern state of Connecticut is famous for producing some of the world's best cigar wrapper leaves.

mexico flagMexico
Mexico has a steady tobacco and cigar industry. Many of the tobacco growing regions runs along the Gulf of Mexico and there are a number of plantations in the northern region of Mexico.

South American Cigar Countries

brazil flagBrazil
Brazil is a major producer in cigars, they are probably most famous for their cigar wrappers. Most Brazilian wrappers goes from dark brown to really dark. These are a sun-grown tobacco wrapper, and the taste is sweet & neutral, making it a good wrapper to blend with other parts of the cigar.

ecuador flagEcuador
Ecuador's warm and humid tropical climate makes it a great place to grow tobacco. The country produces one of the most notable cigar wrappers and is used on many famous brands, such as Arturo Fuente.

Africa Cigar Countries

cameroon flagCameroon
This African country has most of its plantations located in the eastern part of the country with the neighboring Central African Republic. Cameroon is known for is Cameroon cigar wrappers that is used on many famous brands, such as Arturo Fuente and Ashton.

Asian Cigar Countries

philippines flagPhilippines
The Philippines has a long tradition in cigar manufacturing, set by the Spanish before the 1900s. Filipino cigars are mild and many prefer them because they are an easy smoke.

indonesia flagIndonesia
Indonesia is one of the oldest producers of cigar tobacco in the world. Tobacco that comes from these chain of islands that make up Indonesia are known as Sumatra or Java.